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Contributing to a smarter world

By Jack Brian Cooper at 4:09 PM on | Comments (0)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzz du jour, and a sneak peek into the future shape of technology. I had an opportunity to gaze into a crystal ball during my summer internship at the Infosys InStep program in India. 

It was a time when I challenged myself every day. I was investigating ways in which AI systems, specifically chatbots, could be tested. We explored how the performance of a chatbot can be evaluated. We wanted to develop alternative methods or improvements on current approaches for a thorough beta testing procedure. It gives developers more confidence in the performance evaluation of their systems.

I enjoyed my time at Infosys. I experienced a fascinating culture. The work was interesting as well as catalytic for emerging technology solutions. I am grateful for the opportunity and the support of my mentors and the InStep team.

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